I'm Karen

I’m a full-stack designer I wear many hats beyond a user experience designer: UI, product design, user testing, user research, visual design, frontend web design, to name some... with over 15 years of experience helping startups to larger businesses bring their product visions from zero-to-one From ideation to production – early stage product design and development where the problem space is ripe but the solution isn't finalized. It often requires creative problem-solving, smart prioritization/pivoting, multi-disciplinary skills and systems design thinking. . I specialize in experience design, innovative industries Finance (fintech), AI, quantum computing, real estate, health care, insurance, e-commerce, digital currency, marketplaces, business intelligence, task management, user/customer relationship management, analytics, and workflow management. , prototyping The sooner we can test, the sooner we can validate ideas. I always create clickable design prototypes so we can gather the best feedback early in the process. No static screens here. , ethnography Studying human behaviour, culture, in context is key to successful human-centered design. , and data visualization.

In my leisure time, I love solving usability problems for my rabbitHi my name is Butter Scotch! I enjoy AB testing treats, giving quantitative feedback, and being observed by the humans. Actions speak louder than words ... seeing as I'm a rabbit. , planning travel experiences for others, people-watching and learning languages.

Vancouver, Canada
BSc. Interaction Design

Research • UX • UI • Prototyping • User Testing • Launch

  • I know I can count on Karen to run with lean requirements and produce product ideas and specs that can be user-tested for viability before we get the dev team involved.

    Product Manager
  • She's pragmatic, efficient, detail-oriented and consistently poses essential "why" questions to ensure that we're building the right thing for the right reasons.

    Product Manager
  • Karen designed features in such a way so that they could be progressively built in an Agile fashion and deliver product value through different phases of the roadmap before its final ideal end state.

    Product Manager
  • She discovered new product opportunities through her user journey mapping and user interviews, which we had not thought of.

    Product Manager
  • Karen helped reduce the time it takes for developer handoff by producing detailed designs and specs that follow web accessibility and don't break the internet

    VP of Engineering
  • Karen is a problem-solver and offered creative solutions within our technical constraints that we hadn't thought of.

  • Karen picks up new domain knowledge quickly, she's a fast learner and a good listener.

    Service Delivery Team
  • Thanks to the fast design turnaround and implementation assistance, we were able to garner investor support and receive user feedback earlier in the product development process.

    Business Stakeholder
  • You really listened to our feedback and tangibly applied it to the designs. This feature set is powerful and intuitive, and it'll reduce our current overhead and workload. This was exactly what we needed.

  • I learned so much from Karen – she's patient, knowledgeable and is good at explaining complex topics.

    Junior UX Designer
  • You have a sharp eye for detail and gave me good pointers and reminders on how to design more efficiently.

    Fellow UX Designer
  • Awesome designer to work with whose front-end background helped expedite our development cycle by creating designs that seamlessly integrated with our existing tech stack.

    Software Engineer
  • Working with you was a blast and you are so good at what you do. You definitely made my job easier by making all those good design/UI/UX decisions. You also brought a lot of positivity to our workspace (both online and offline).

    Full-stack Developer
  • The UX and UI designs were well thought out and reduced the number of edge cases we had to account for.

    Lead Developer